Saturday, January 26, 2013

My 2012

Can you image that January ends very soon? Time flies fairly quick!  Living in 2013 now,  and the world hasn't ended yet. I'm kinda slow of doing a reflection on the past, what makes my 2012 the most remarkable year...

For the first quarter of the year, I would say it was the most precious moment with my uni colleagues, as the time we spent together getting lesser and lesser once we started working.

This might have been the last session in my life of being the Japanese student's tour guide. Though I was not the actively participated one, because the availability of duty slot was too limited. I hate to admit but we did have a lot of fun meeting new friends.

I'm no longer taking this job, as I notice that the gap of age
 has become greater from time to time, 
they will always stay 17s, whereas me...

In April, it came to an end for my entire degree life after I was done with my final semester exams in UCSI. I was blessed that I have no problem at all to get all the subjects passed.

making the very last effort 

The Kakilang's trip in Singapore involved walking most of the time. It's a brand new experience where we don't process own transportations. Instead, we used public transportation. Universal Studio is definitely a must visit place in Singapore. I didn't really enjoy the ride on Cyclone. I wasn't if my stomach was empty that time, my head was spinning for quite a while after the ride. Only after taking lunch, I felt much better.

Hello, Sentosa! 
I will make a visit again if I ever got the chance...

Never go for Cyclone anymore!

We officially became active in workforce on the next day of labour day. Agree not my uni colleagues? FAQs from most of the people around me, why didn't I get a job from elsewhere instead of working for my dad? Work as a part timer? It's a burden to bear since the day I born, so I see myself as a management trainee rather than DOB, the only privilege I got is, no reduction on salary for coming in late or leaving early.

Participated in Asean M&E Show in late June. Learnt much from helping out such big event, what you need to do is to explain the products you carried to the guests, get to know people from all around the world, collect as much information as you can to seek for any possible business opportunities. Gonna strengthen my product knowledge and communication skills to strive for a better performance this year.

Obviously I'm not...

Forgot to mention about the arrival of my sexy white chick. A lot of arguments have made before it came to me, and I didn't really enjoy talking with my so called 'financial planner',but compromised at the end, so he won! Financial burden increased then...

The journey of sexy white chick & little miss ruby begins...

On 25th of August, the first day of new opening outlet, the outlet I transferred to, I was immediately admitted to hospital because of Leukopenia, extremely low in white blood cells count. The reason of causing it, was still an unknown. But I can guarantee that it was not caused by skipping proper lunch. Dad and brother has been rushing up and down from day to night taking care of me as mom was on her Shanghai trip with Rac. Thanks for my friends who made a visit to the hospital, it made me warm <3 p="">
This was not nice at all, my swollen hand.

Finally the tall has completed his study in UK. The homecoming who seemed like turning into a UK tourist, missed Malaysian food so much, so we had dinner at hawker stall in Pudu. He brought me 20 pounds rather any other souvenirs.

Spending 5 days 4 nights in Penang & Ipoh seemed too much but the moments with best buddies always seems too little. We hunted for food as if we have not been eating for a long time. My stomach never empty during the trip.

I wonder why I was so scared of antique furniture and ancient buildings.  It's the first time I drove on the Plus highway, I wish I would never be the one who follows car.


Woody furniture really not my type...

Hennessey Artistry night at The Mines, opened my eyes. How I see this kind of event is, it was like you attend attend a live concert with liquor provided. 

Didn't take much photos because the DJs played awesome music

For years, we have not been taking a photo together. I personally like this much as we all look gorgeous, pretty & healthy. Love is the power that get us united when parents temporarily not being with us.Yet we are able to take good care of ourselves, achievement unlocked!!

To be frank, it seems pathetic when you are always on your own. 
Dinner alone, home alone, movie, what for living when you have got
 nobody to share your everything with. So, mom please don't dump me! XD

Last but not least, the most valuable & remarkable gift of the year...

I guess it was the most expensive birthday gift ever from dad. Thankiu <3 font="" nbsp="">
because of my courage, my sister got a new ipad & brother got a galaxy 
note 10.1 as birthday gift for 2012.

I would say that 2012 is a big year. Many challenges or obstacles might appear to block people like us, fresh graduate from pursuing our dream. Every time we overcome it, we learnt, we gained, and we survived.

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